Impact Investing

We are all investors — how we choose to allocate our investments of time, money, energy, and effort profoundly affects our world. Whether impact investing; environment, social and governance (ESG); or socially responsible investing (SRI); they are all, at their core, aligning your investments with your values. Doing well by doing good.

Deeply active in the field since 2004,  BSW uses business and investing as forces for good, enabling clients to both meet their financial objectives and create positive environmental and societal change. BSW’s capabilities span all major public and private asset classes, and our approach integrates leading impact investing methodologies and frameworks, including the UN SDG’s, IRIS+, and the Impact Management Project.

During the nearly two decades BSW has been at this, impact has gone from fringe to fad. Nowadays, even the mega investment firms and too-big-to-fail banks are quickly claiming their impact bona fides. We hope their intentions are pure, because Impact Investing shouldn’t be merely a marketing tactic. For us at BSW, Impact Investing is in our bones and at our core. We’ve labored in the trenches, field building, and nurturing the movement. ESG, SRI, Sustainable, Values-aligned, or Impact — to us it’s just The BSW Way. If it’s your Way, too, let’s talk.

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