Does Your Financial Life Need a Detox?

September 25, 2020

Your values reflect who you are in the world. Who you hire as an advisor is a reflection of those values. We are all investors—how we choose to invest our time, money, energy, and effort profoundly affects our world.

Whether you call it impact investing; environment, social and governance (ESG); or socially responsible investing (SRI); they are all, at their core, aligning your investments with your values. Doing well by doing good.

Review your Options

There are more options than ever when it comes to impact investing. BSW’s impact investing capabilities span numerous major public and private asset classes. Our approach also integrates leading impact investing methodologies and frameworks, including the UN SDG’s, IRIS+, and the Impact Management Project.*

Empower your Money

The subject of money has been taboo for too long, but it doesn’t have to be. By bringing clarity to your own money story, you can begin to use money as a tool to support who you are in the world. At BSW, we know there is more to investing than just a financial return.

But what about Returns?

Sacrificing financial returns is one of the most common misconceptions about impact investing. Studies show just the opposite: More than 90 percent of impact investors report returns that meet or exceed their expectations.*

Business as a Force for Good

BSW is a certified B Corporation * because we believe that business can be a Force for Good in the world. We showcase our values because we believe in the importance of transparency and advocating for a healthier, more sustainable financial landscape. 

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