Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”? This came to mind the other day as I contemplated the importance of curiosity and its critical role as a BSW value. I must say, I firmly disagree [...]

Every Day is Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day and BSW is celebrating the successful roll out of our DocuSign technology because the benefits of saving paper and saving time are all exponential. BSW Wealth Partners [...]

MergeLane Funderator

MergeLane, founded by Elizabeth Kraus and Sue Heilbronner, is a start-up accelerator program that provides resources and investment for women entrepreneurs. Its unique structure offers one-to-one [...]

BSW + BLD Mountain West

B Corp Leadership Development, or BLD, and is an incredible opportunity for all members of the B Economy to congregate, celebrate, and ideate together. The B Economy only continues to grow, and [...]

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