Investing with Purpose: Custom ESG stock Portfolios

October 1, 2023

BSW continues its legacy in Impact investing with our custom-built ESG stock portfolios. For more than two decades, we have been at the forefront of Impact investing, evolving our ESG portfolio ingredients to align with the changing world. Our Values Aligned portfolios are meticulously crafted based on your beliefs to make a targeted impact.

Investing Aligned with Your Values

At BSW, we understand that investing is a deeply personal endeavor. That’s why our Values Aligned portfolios are designed to offer transparent, accountable, and measurable positive change. Using advanced technology and comprehensive data sources, we create quantitatively sound and thoughtful Values Aligned stock portfolios that resonate with your convictions.

Who We Are: Impact through Technology

Our approach is powered by cutting-edge technology. We use sophisticated data sources to ensure investment decisions are rooted in meaningful Impact. Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of our Values Aligned portfolios, bringing ESG impact investing full circle for BSW and our exceptional clients.

Tailored ESG Solutions for Investors

Our ESG portfolios are offered in the form of separately managed accounts (SMA) at Schwab or Fidelity, providing efficient trading and personalized investment management. Whether you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, gender equality, or human rights, your passions drive your investments. Through detailed conversations, we ensure your portfolio reflects your ideals.

Ready to invest with purpose?
Contact us to learn more about our tailored Values Aligned portfolios and start making a positive impact through your investments.

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