What would you like to do if money were no object?
How would you really enjoy spending your life?

It’s not about what you have, it’s about how well you live. BSW clients make the most of their lives. They are doers and dreamers who want to focus on their passions by delegating the business of their life to us.

We listen. We care. We understand.

We start with questions. What would you do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life? What will be your legacy?

Your life is unique – as is your BSW engagement. Each BSW engagement is serviced by a dedicated team, including an Advisor, Investment Advisor, Associate Advisor, and Client Service Manager. Your comprehensive plan is custom-built for your goals, needs, and circumstances. Revisited often, your dynamic plan is adapted and reshaped depending upon each stage of life. From a holistic and informed perspective, we provide ongoing insight, guidance, and reporting so you always know where you stand.

BSW serves as the trusted steward of your family’s financial life. We are fiercely loyal to you and solely focused on the preservation and growth of your wealth.

Specialty Areas

Who we serve

Family Office

  • Have you achieved a level of wealth beyond your wildest dreams?
  • Have you transitioned from worrying about personal needs to personal legacy?
  • Do you want to create a family vision with your spouse and heirs?

Family Office Clients tap into the best of BSW and go far beyond mere investment and advisory services. All of our capabilities and resources are deployed on your behalf. We serve as your Advocate. Your Confidante. Your Sounding Board. Your Mediator. Your Steady Counsel.

Annual minimum engagement fee: $40,000.*

Private Client

  • Are you the steward of your family’s legacy assets?
  • Are you a founder or C-level executive of a successful enterprise?
  • Are you tired of working with banks and brokerage firms that operate in their own best interest rather than yours?

Private Clients are successful individuals and families ready to delegate away the complexities and drudgeries of managing their financial lives. Specialized expertise, curated professional support and superior investment options—BSW’s white glove approach is unlike any other investment firm you’ve ever experienced.

Annual minimum engagement fee: $10,000.*

Wealth Management

  • Are you a high-income earner or an aggressive saver?
  • Do you aspire to build significant personal wealth and financial freedom through disciplined investing and planning?
  • Do you want a trusted peer to partner with and grow throughout your professional career and life?

Wealth Management Clients work directly with BSW Advisors who understand your life circumstances and aspirations. We listen to your dreams and goals to develop and implement a customized investment plan that proactively creates and grows your wealth, including exclusive access to proprietary investments.

Annual minimum engagement fee: $5,000.*

*A note about fees: At BSW we are more about fit than fees. One of the advantages of being 100% independent is we choose who we work with and part of that is if you’re a great fit for us. BSW retains the discretion to negotiate alternative fees and fee arrangements, or waive fees entirely.

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