Explore BSW’s PBC Report: Leading the Way in Social Responsibility

December 10, 2020


On the surface, being a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) isn’t much different than being a traditional corporation. What is quite different is that PBC’s are a systemic solution to a systemic problem — the constricted focus of maximizing shareholder value.

BSW stands apart in an era where many companies overlook their social responsibilities. Adhering to the highest standards of corporate purpose, we embody the principles of responsible and sustainable business practices.

BSW is both a B Corp and PBC meeting the elite standards of corporate purpose. Read more about PBC and B Corps.

For a glimpse of the future, look to the type of organizations that best handled the tumult of 2020. Organizations become what they measure; at BSW we measure ourselves by our progress toward our mission:

To ‘Make Life Better’ for BSW clients, staff and our broader community by building a long-term sustainable and environmentally considerate business that helps our clients and stakeholders achieve both financial security and lives of meaning, abundance, and fulfillment.

We hope that you enjoy reading BSW’s Annual PBC report. Thank you for being part of our journey in becoming the leading socially responsible advisory firm.