ESG Investing


Intelligent ESG Investing: For People, Planet & Prosperity 

Money is a tool for change. Impact Investing multiplies its power.

What is Impact Investing? The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) defines it as investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact alongside a financial return.

Impact Investing has the potential to transform our economy into one that serves people and planet and BSW is relentless in the search for opportunities to align your values with your financial goals. BSW’s ability to incorporate ESG considerations across most major asset classes, from public equities and fixed income to private equity and direct investments, has allowed us to stand apart from our peers.

BSW is not bound by traditional approaches or outcomes – we invest with high standards to maximize performance and public benefit. Whether you are an individual, family, organization, or institution, BSW’s investment team is committed to building a portfolio that is right for you, and your vision of a better tomorrow.

Backed by research, BSW builds tailored portfolios that support your values while addressing some of the world’s most pressing ESG issues, including among others, gender inequality, clean energy, sustainable forestry, water quality, vulnerable communities, and environmentally sustainable investing. BSW often invests alongside our clients, including within our own company’s 401(k), for a future we can be proud of, economies we can rely on, and an environment we can thrive in.


Individuals and Families

Managing wealth and sustainable investing are not a “set it and forget it” endeavor; it’s a journey spanning a lifetime. BSW begins by helping you clarify the “why” behind your mission – the core values to be reflected in each investment choice – then guides you through the Values Alignment Journey. Through supportive and informative co-creation, we construct a personal investment strategy that serves as an extension of your values and preferences, giving you the confidence that your investments are serving the stakeholders and issues you care most about.

ESG, SRI, Sustainable, Values-aligned, or Impact — to us it’s just The BSW Way. If it’s your Way, too, let’s talk.


Visionary Impact Investing Offering

Meaningful and measurable impact on the issues you care most about.

We appreciate no two individuals or families are alike – why should their investments look the same? Curating bespoke investment opportunities, BSW addresses a broad range of impact themes spanning the investable universe. You can be confident your money is deeply aligned and directed to the issues you care most about helping support the critical changes you desire.

BSW shares your passion and commitment to making the deepest positive social and environmental impact possible. Fierce environmental steward? Social justice warrior? Gender equity activist? We challenge you to go beyond the labels. Together we create a partnership that makes a real difference in the world.

What do you desire? Let’s get to work.

Foundations + Nonprofits 

Energize your good work

How your organization deploys its resources – wealth, wisdom, and talent – truly defines your mission and impact in the world. How you invest and grow your endowment makes a significant difference and statement as well.  Your money can reflect and support the organization’s mission, or often, unconsciously work against it. BSW collaborates with you to underwrite greater alignment between your endowment’s investments, your programmatic goals, and your core values. We aim to support organizations and their Boards in feeling proud and confident in their roles as investment stewards.

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