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BSW hosted its first brown bag lunch event on January 17. New Year’s Day symbolically marks the occasion to examine our lives and set goals for the year ahead and beyond. To facilitate that process, Christine Neff of Elevate Conditioning, and Drew Simon, Senior Advisor at BSW, held a roundtable discussion on creating an action plan to achieve personal goals. The points to use as guidelines for attaining physical fitness were surprisingly similar to those for financial fitness: setting goals, creating a plan, enhancing self-awareness, accepting the long-term nature of the process, and moving quickly past any missteps. The majority of questions centered on how to break out from current patterns to attain new goals. Both speakers emphasized the personal nature of any plan, and recommended self-examination to determine what trade-offs each person is willing to make. No new lessons for some, perhaps, but each one critical to turning long-term goals into reality. Everyone walked away understanding that even one small change can make a big difference in the long-run and that persistence pays off.

Please remember, we welcome feedback and suggestions for future events.

Debi Baydush, Partner

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