BSW Wealth Partners named to Real Leaders 200 Top Impact Companies List of 2022   

January 10, 2022

BSW Wealth Partners is conscious of every step on our journey to Make Life Better for our clients, staff, and our community. Continuing to raise the bar for not only ours but all industries, BSW is honored to be named to the esteemed “Real Leaders Top Impact Companies in 2022”.

“Elated. Humbled. Grateful. Elated to debut at #127 in the 2022 Real Leaders Impact Awards. Humbled by recognition alongside companies we admire and emulate like Patagonia, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, REI, etc. Grateful to work with such outstanding people in BSW’s ongoing “quality spiral.” Quality chases quality. Quality people want to work with quality clients doing quality work at a quality firm. BSW’s quality spiral continues to grow, accelerate, and broaden with new staff, clients, and partners across the country. BSW is honored to win the Real Leaders Impact Award – and confident that our best is yet to come.”

David Wolf, CEO of BSW Wealth Partners

What is The Real Leaders Impact Awards?

The Real Leaders Impact Awards is a ranking of the world’s 200 top impact companies that are solving business problems in constructive ways. Thriving in a mission-driven segment of the economy, our like-minded peers are manifesting a new vision of capitalism and demonstrating how to use business as a force for good.

How is an organization selected for the Real Leaders Impact Awards?

Purpose-driven companies that are nominated are ranked based on their “Force for Good” score. That score is calculated using three metrics:

What makes BSW Wealth Partners a ‘Top Impact Company’?

Thank YOU for allowing us to live out our passions in the work we do and the opportunity to Make Life Better for you and your family.  By redefining success in business, we believe society will enjoy a more durable shared prosperity.