BSW divorce wealth management advisors specialize in building bridges between unexpected life changes and your financial freedom.

Divorce doesn’t have to be financially disruptive.

As the leading wealth management firm in the Boulder and Denver area, BSW knows that divorce can be a monumental and unsettling process. We know the road ahead, and it is much more than just managing financial assets through a divorce. There are so many moving parts that come with this life change, and as the pieces of your life shift, many questions will arise. How financially secure will you be after the divorce? For how long? Will you be able to maintain your current standard of living? How will you handle responsibilities that are new to you? We understand the fundamental questions that flow from the uncertainty of divorce and help you reestablish your life.

BSW Divorce Wealth Management Advisors

BSW has created a process that helps clients transition from divorce into a new chapter. As a new client with BSW, our advisors take the time to listen and understand what is most important to you. Once we have this understanding, we can bring the financial piece into the equation and bring everything into alignment. BSW gives every client the opportunity to put things back together in a way that works for them, and often times it is better than when they started the process. Relationships are often promised in financial management advising and very rarely delivered. BSW isn’t just in the wealth management business, we are in the relationship business.

Your Life. Your Preferences. Your Dreams. Our Goal.
Our expert divorce wealth management advisors are familiar with all aspects of the divorce landscape. BSW provides the seasoned judgment and expertise that only comes with decades of experience.

BSW Divorce Wealth Management Advisors:

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