BSW is composed of entrepreneurs and business owners. We understand what it takes to help you meet your personal financial goals. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We can help.

We help entrepreneurs, business owners and executives in three ways.

1. Building Your Business

BSW helps you build your business in tandem with your personal finances. When your efforts are focused on scaling your business, we help manage the parts of your life that are too important to be left unmanaged. Your time is often best spent on your business, our time is best spent looking out for your personal and financial well-being.

2. Exiting Your Business

We are an owner-centric firm, helping you monetize or exit your business on your terms. Amidst the uncertainty prevalent when building your business, one true certainty exists; you will exit your business in one of two ways – ill-prepared and unready, or with a plan in place that meets your personal and family objectives. Often times your professional service providers are so focused on the transaction and the business, they lose sight of the entrepreneur and owners. We are solely and fiercely loyal to you, we make certain your plan meets your personal goals. Proper exit planning begins the day you start your business and simple planning up front can make all the difference when the day comes to move on to the next chapter of your life.

3. Living Your Life

We help you live the life you’ve worked hard to craft. Life after your career may look and feel quite different. Often, there are goals and objectives that have been put on hold. This is where it gets really fun. We help you prioritize, plan and execute your family’s objectives. Your years of hard work and dedication can and will fund your lifestyle, gifting, and philanthropic goals – we will show you how.

When you’ve put together a successful business from scratch and have dedicated a portion of your life to an idea worth pursuing, don’t settle for anything less than professional partners with an equivalent drive and devotion.

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