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BSW held its first professional roundtable on August 11. In this one hour morning meeting with eight colleagues from our extensive network, the topic of discussion centered on pending changes in the tax code – how to ensure clients are informed and proactive in making the best decisions for their tax, estate and investment strategies once legislation has been passed. Everyone quickly agreed on the futility of predicting what will actually happen (and when), so conversation focused instead on creating a process to co-ordinate these eventual changes.

The more specific matter of converting existing retirement plans to Roth IRAs concerned many around the table; particularly because the window of opportunity will close at the end of this year.  Debating how to best help individuals through the process of deciding if this step is appropriate, everyone shared stories and thoughts on the difficulties clients face in making this decision. Look for a posting on the BSW blog around the end of September for a tool to help in this process.

Everyone agreed on both the value of sharing perspectives from the various disciplines and on plans for regular quarterly get-togethers.

Debi Baydush, Partner

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