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Every year, BSW participates in a Volunteer/Charity Day as a way of supporting our community.  This year, we decided to lend a hand to an organization that we’ve worked with in the past, the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA).  EFAA provides basic needs assistance such as food and shelter to those in our community and supports their efforts toward self-sufficiency.

Our volunteer duties included sorting and packaging food items for delivery, organizing donated toys for display, and assisting with general cleaning and maintenance of housing areas.

sarah, alex, and shaya david







We were grateful for the opportunity to come together as a team to support our community and, as always, we were blown away by all of the inspiring work that EFAA does to make life better.  For more information, please contact us or visit

david and deb

elias, tim, drew, and ben








From all of us at BSW, we hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.





-Meera Meyer, Associate

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