Julia Wentworth



I’ve always been a list maker, planner, and orchestrator of events – be it the surprise party, group backpacking trip, or annual reunion. This passion for planning inadvertently led me to my first career in event production. Producing concerts and bringing the joy of music to individuals and community fulfilled me for years, however a series of personal events with complex financial undertones made me take a fresh look at the impact I was having on the lives of others. What arose from this inquiry and merged with the acquisition of my MBA was a clear career path in financial planning and advisory services. Empowering and supporting others, particularly those who have been thrown the curveball of death, divorce, or sudden financial restructuring, is a passion near and dear to my heart.

Before joining BSW as an Advisor I served a variety of positions at a neighboring registered investment advisory firm, including operations associate, financial planning associate, and junior advisor. Prior to that I worked for behavioral health and performing arts non-profits both in Boulder and Telluride, CO. I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish, and minor in Business Administration. I graduated again from CU with a Master of Business Administration in 2017. And although my roots on the Pacific Coast called on me, the great expanse of the Rocky Mountains had already won me over.  

Away from the office you can find me exploring the mountains by bike, ski, or foot. And when not in the middle of nature (but ideally when in the middle of nature) I surround myself with as much live music and loved ones as possible – including my sisters, niece, partner, and friends.

Education, Accreditation, Leadership and Service:

  • BA, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • MBA, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Series 65 licensed