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BSW was created with a special vision:  to Make Life Better – for our clients, for our professional staff and their families, and for our Community.  Most of the time this vision manifests itself in obvious ways, but frequently we get an opportunity to Make Life Better in ways you might not expect.

Here are some examples of how BSW has Made Life Better:

For Clients and Their Families:

  • On September 12, the effects of the 100 year flood had BSW staff working together to restore the office along with checking in with our clients and their families to support any special needs going forward.


  • Helped a divorced client achieve financial security by buying her first home and get her first credit card;


  • Helped a family navigate Medicare and social services support for an elderly parent;


  • Helped create a six-month Global Travel Fund for a couple and their young children;


  • Successfully facilitated a multi-year amicable divorce settlement, including selection of attorneys and providing all supporting financial materials and documentation;


  • Helped a client’s daughter select a general contractor to obtain and structure financing to build her first home;


  • Developed integrated, multi-year employee stock option strategies for several clients to help them optimize investment, tax, and long-term economic considerations;


  • Successfully supported – analytically and emotionally – a couple’s transition from full time working professionals to a stress-free, employment-free lifestyle.

For Our Employees:

  • Developed a creative and thoughtful maternity policy allowing an employee to enjoy important family time as well as a supported transition back to full time work.

 For Our Community:    

  • Successfully hosted a community luncheon for 65 local investors on how they can strategically approach Impact Investing during the portfolio creation process.



  • Included as an award-winning member of Boulder’s “10 for Change” Climate Action Program.


  • BSW is currently a 100% Wind Powered company.


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