Retirement Plans You Can Feel Good About

January 22, 2021

Many 401(k) platforms and options are clunky, expensive, and they certainly aren’t values-aligned. Why work with the unresponsive, cumbersome, and bureaucratic platform for your 401(k)? Gain a competitive edge and better reflect your organization’s unique values, needs and personality.  

Enter BSW 401(K) Impact consulting, helping create a plan deserving of your company and its employees.

Vetting a field of providers and administrators, BSW Wealth Partners assembled what we believe is the best of the best, from participant advising and investing to compliance and reporting. Collaborating with you, we craft a plan that intelligently combines your organization’s identity, mission and needs. Providing insightful employee education, we ensure your employees feel in control of their future.

What are the Benefits?

  • Enable your employees to gain control of their finances and prepare properly for retirement.
  • Allow your employees to express their values.
  • Easy to administer plan.
  • Ensure your business costs are responsible and contributing to your mission. 

Make the switch and let’s use business as a force for good.