Craig Seidler Earns Chartered SRI Counselor™ Designation

April 24, 2019

Congratulations to Craig Seidler, Director of Public Investments at BSW, for earning the designation of Chartered SRI Counselor™ (CSRIC™). The CSRIC™ designation is the first major financial credential dedicated specifically to socially responsible investing. Craig is part of the first cohort in the nation to attain this milestone.

Sustainable, Responsible and Impact (SRI) investing has been part of BSW’s DNA for over 15 years. BSW is committed to staying on the cutting edge of this burgeoning movement and Craig’s achievement of the CSRIC™ credential is further proof of this dedication.

We asked Craig: “How can BSW clients benefit from the knowledge you have attained?”

Craig responded: “It was remarkable how much of the course material was directly applicable to what we are currently doing for clients within the SRI space. A key takeaway for me is that as more granular SRI data becomes available, we as an industry have the ability (and arguably the duty) to show more intentionality with our environmental, social, governance (ESG) investing.

“With over $8.72 trillion of SRI assets invested in the U.S. alone, this form of investing can no longer be dismissed as a trend. I’m excited to help usher in the next generation of transparent and relevant SRI reporting to clients and, importantly, to be able to track the positive changes BSW has helped perpetuate with our investments over time.

“I also anticipate that BSW will offer more diverse SRI options soon.  One example that the investment group has been researching closely is community investing. As CDFI banks and credit unions have increased in numbers across the country, we are finding interesting ways to direct capital to underserved areas; including small businesses, minority and women owned businesses and low-income communities.”

Congratulations Craig!

Elias Bachmann
Director of Private Investments