Colorado Support Resources

March 30, 2020

As active, aware, and conscientious community members, there are measures each of us can take to support ourselves and those surrounding us, whether it be through time, talent, or treasure. We urge you to consider:

  • Joining the Love the Local movement. A vital way to support your community is by shopping locally. Please consider buying gift certificates to use in the future at coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and more. As you make purchases over the coming weeks, note that small businesses will bear the economic brunt of COVID-19-related closures and restrictions. Businesses large and small are responsible for supporting the livelihoods of their employees, clients, and communities— current global circumstances have highlighted and amplified the importance and difficulty of this endeavor.
  • If you are healthy and adhere to government and organizational guidelines, please contemplate energetically giving back through organizations such as Errand Runners Boulder, EFAA, and Help Colorado Now in Colorado.
  • Offering direct financial support. Here in BSW’s home state of Colorado, organizations such as Boulder Community Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, Denver Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund, Boulder County Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, Elevations Community Relief Fund, and Denver Metro Emergency Food Network are converting donor dollars into crucial resources for those most in need.

The landscape we are collectively navigating is rapidly evolving, and it is critical for each of us to stay informed and seek out ways in which we can Make Life Better for our families, neighbors, and world at large. The BSW team is here for you as a resource as we continue in living out that same mission. If you live outside of Colorado and need guidance around how to support your community, please reach out, we are here to help you research options.

Thanks for reading!


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