October 21, 2019

Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”? This came to mind the other day as I contemplated the importance of curiosity and its critical role as a BSW value. I must say, I firmly disagree with the old adage’s suggestion that curiosity not be followed.

I hold this stance because I see curiosity as foundational to the most important elements in life. In my eyes, curiosity propels and deepens relationship, business, personal growth, innovation, leadership, and the pursuit and accomplishment of challenges. It is a critical element of human nature that keeps us evolving.

As an independent wealth advisory firm, BSW would not be what it is today if it were not for the ongoing curiosity of its leadership and teams. I contend that the BSW founders would not have jumped in feet first to establish and continue to build this company if they didn’t listen to the whisper in their ears saying that a better advisory model, better offering and better service could be provided to those in need. At each fork in the road, our leadership continues to look itself deep in the eyes and ask how we could do better, be better and think outside of the box.

If it were not for the curiosity of our investment management team, we likely would not be as deeply committed to the powers of impact investing and the trickle-down effect it can have to slowly move the needle on climate change, social inequalities, and healthy communities. The team’s curiosity and ethos keep it engaged on the front lines of the newest impact screening tools, investment opportunities, and avenues to get more individuals and businesses on board.

What makes for a strong advisor-client relationship? Curiosity. Advisors at BSW want to know what makes their clients tick, what keeps them up at night, what will bring the greatest relief, and what is cause for the biggest celebration. We want to know the question behind the question, not just the question that’s easiest or “most appropriate” to ask in a financial advisory setting. We attempt to dig deep with our clients because we’re curious about people and we care about their success. In our opinion, the better we know our clients, the better able we are to work with them and for them; to be a champion and ally through the thick of whatever life brings.

As one of the more recent additions to the BSW team, I look forward to seeing where this company’s curiosity leads it. I know we are dreaming big, and I’m confident that if we keep listening to the heartbeat of who we are as individuals and as a firm, not much will interfere with our trajectory.



Julia Wentworth, Associate Advisor