Maria Beaini

Data Specialist

As a Data Specialist, my primary role is to ensure the utmost accuracy in processing and presenting our clients’ data. My work involves navigating our data systems to establish clean, reliable, and timely data. It’s my goal and responsibility to provide our clients with precise reports and numbers, helping to alleviate their financial stress. This allows them to concentrate on growing their wealth and personal development, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.

I am proud to be a first-generation American with Lebanese heritage. Growing up in a multicultural environment ignited my passion for travel and exploring diverse cultures, particularly through their cuisines. My top travel destinations for the best culinary experiences are Lebanon, Spain, and England. I recently graduated from The University of Colorado Boulder, where I majored in Finance. In my final year, I discovered a passion for data and shifted my focus to Information Management.

In my leisure time, I enjoy discovering new spots to set up my hammock, engaging in word games, and spending quality time with friends. At the office, I’ve informally assumed the role of Office DJ, known for constantly playing music and curating various playlists to enhance our work environment.

Education, Accreditation, Leadership and Service:

  • BS in Finance, University of Boulder – Leeds School of Business