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Boulder will take center stage in the 2016 Presidential race this evening, when CU Boulder hosts the Republican candidate debate.  Regardless of one’s political leanings, fostering an informed electorate and participation in our democratic process are goals agreed upon by all true patriots and citizens of our fortunate nation.  That’s why BSW is immensely proud of our outstanding intern, Aaron Estevez-Miller, who helped launch and spearhead “Student Voices Count,” a grassroots and trans-partisan coalition of CU students who have advocated for additional student seating at tonight’s debate.  Aaron has has been a star intern for BSW since 2013 and helps manage the rating and reporting process for our R3 Returns impact bond strategy.

Although tonight’s debate is being held in CU’s 10,000-seat Coors Events Center, just 50 tickets were originally allocated to the university community, an allotment that was subsequently increased to 100 tickets. CU Boulder has 30,265 undergraduate and graduate students, and 1,411 faculty members.  Student Voices Count has garnered tremendous media attention, including the front page of USA Today, a feature in the New York Times, Colorado Public Radio, and numerous other outlets.


BSW Intern Aaron Estevez-Miller, an economics major at the University of Colorado Boulder, speaking on behalf of Student Voices Count at a CU student government meeting. SVC has lobbied for more students to be allowed into the Oct. 28 debate. (Photo courtesy of the New York Times.)

When forming Student Voices Count, Aaron partnered with leaders of CU’s Young Republicans and other political interest organizations.  Despite differing political views, Student Voices Count members shared a common mission to increase student access to the debate and leverage the event as a catalyst for their peers to become more engaged citizens, better informed voters, and active participants in the political process.

Prior to this evening’s debate, Student Voices Count will host a live YouTube broadcast and trans-partisan panel discussion from 3pm to 6pm featuring Govenor Martin O’Malley (Democratic presidential candidate), Scott Schaefer (former Boulder county GOP vice chair), Morgan Young (current Boulder country Dem vice chair), Jill Stein (2012 Green Party presidential candidate), Christina Tobin, (founder and chair of the Free and Equal Foundation), Alex Smith (national chairwoman of the College Republican National Committee), Alexander McCobin (co-founder and president of Students for Liberty), and Jared Polis (Democratic House of Representatives member).  More than 1,100 people have already registered to attend the live event, which can also be accessed via streaming video here:   Check it out!!!

Kudos to Aaron and Students Voices Count on their efforts and leadership.  BSW has been extremely fortunate to host outstanding and motivated student interns like Aaron.  Helping educate the next generation of business and civic leaders is part of our civic duty — and another way we Make Life Better. 

The Student Voices Count team!

The Student Voices Count team!

Thanks for reading.

-David Wolf, Managing Principal & Chief Investment Officer

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