A Concurrence is a gallery event specifically designed for the recontextualization of our experience of visual art. It is a contemporary form for gathering that heightens our appreciation of community and gives us a more intimate, insightful alternative to the value of the art we make.

“The form begins by taking approximately fifteen minutes in which participants (approximately twelve) quietly stand and take in the various visual art objects presented at the venue. Those present that would prefer not to participate are asked to stand quietly on the side. After fifteen minutes a circle of chairs is made and the participants sit together. One by one, each person may share their experience, thoughts, sensations and feelings, for a minute or two, or not, and may choose to pass. After each person in the circle has shared the circle opens up to responses, comments and conversation for another five to ten minutes. This is followed by a quiet moment and then the Concurrence closes.

The form of a Concurrence allows for the experience of art to return to its communal roots. While we no longer may believe in an overarching, homogeneous, cultural story that we live by, we do all share a desire for human richness and depth of experience. A Concurrence provides for the shared communal desire for wholeness.

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