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Every August since 2011, Boulder’s cycling community has congregated for the B Strong Ride, a celebration of survivorship and hard-fought battles against cancer. This year’s ride is next Saturday, August 8th.

The story behind the B Strong Ride is one of struggle, determination and victory. One of B-Strong’s co-founders, Kevin Mulshine, was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011. Mulshine’s battle with cancer was vicious and arduous. Ultimately, he survived the disease, but the struggle nearly took his life on multiple occasions.

B Strong’s other co-founder is Mulshine’s long-time friend, Dr. Roger Nichols.  Nichols worked incessantly with Kevin’s treatment team during his time of illness and recruited another colleague, Dr. Yang Chen, to the effort.  Yang (who was himself battling stage-four cancer and has since passed away) and Nichols developed a treatment plan, and Chen performed successful surgery on Mulshine, after which Mulshine began his long path to recovery.

As avid cyclists, an iconic ride of Mulshine and Nichol’s friendship has always been the ride from Boulder to Ward. In celebration of Mulshine completing one year of remission, Mulshine, Nichols, and their great friend, Dr. Stephen Paul, rode with Mulshine up to Ward — a 5,000 foot climb spread out over 70 miles. Near the top of the ride, its grade steepens to a brutal 12 percent. When Mulshine felt like he could not go any further, Nichols and Paul rode beside him, assisting and pushing Mulshine to the top of the climb.


The trio rode to Ward again on Mulshine’s second anniversary of remission, and that time Mulshine didn’t need any assistance.  Following the second anniversary ride, Mulshine and Nichols wanted to have a larger impact on the lives of people battling cancer. As a result, they created the B Strong Ride. Since inception, the B Strong Ride has had over 2000 riders and raised over $1.2 million. Every year, the ride funds a complete year of cancer care at the Center for Integrative Care at Boulder Community Hospital. The Center for Integrative Care helps cancer patients stay healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically, offering treatments including oncology massage, acupuncture, and lymphedema management. The event also benefits the George Karl Foundation.

To register for the 5th annual B Strong Ride on Saturday, August 8th, click here.

To learn more about the event, click here.

To learn more about Kevin’s story, click here.

The story behind this event is truly inspiring. I hope that it has brightened your day and thanks for reading!


Roger Nichols, BSW Summer Associate

Editors Note: It has been a distinct pleasure to host Roger as BSW’s Summer Associate, and BSW is proud to help get the word out to our clients, colleagues, and friends on the B Strong Ride — an event that so strongly Makes Life Better for our community. -David Wolf, CIO & Managing Principal


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