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This July, several members of the BSW crew attended Solutions, Schwab’s annual operations and technology conference.  Cyber-security continues to be a hot topic at Solutions, as it profoundly impacts the financial industry and world at large. In fact, according to many analysts, cyber-attacks currently pose a greater national security risk than terrorism and cybercrime has become more profitable than the illegal drug trade.

As our reliance on technology continues growing and with more and more personal data stored online, nearly everyone is at risk. Protecting our clients and helping make them aware of cyber threats is a top BSW priority.

Schwab Solutions

In Schwab’s ongoing effort to combat cybercrime, they offered the following helpful tips for protecting yourself against fraud in the case of your computer, email, or passwords being compromised:

• Use distinct passwords for each website you access, so hackers can’t get into all of your online accounts.
• Regularly change your passwords so that if they are compromised the damage is limited.
• If you don’t move money for yourself online, consider having BSW set your online account to View-Only, so fraudsters can’t move money out of your accounts into theirs. (Ask your Client Service Manager about this!)
• Use Schwab’s eSignature and eAuthorization features.

The Schwab eSignature and eAuthorization features allow you to electronically sign documents and approve third party money movement requests on your computer, tablet or smart phone. While email remains extremely vulnerable to fraud, to date, there has not been a single incidence of fraud using credential-authenticated electronic signature tools (i.e. Docusign). Another benefit of electronic signature is that it is paperless and does not require printing, faxing, or scanning on your part. This adds an easy, fast, and secure way for us to complete your paperwork, not just for Schwab documents but also for other BSW forms.

Using eSignature for Schwab documents requires that you are able to log on to your account and that you keep your credentials current by logging in at least once every 90 days. If your credentials have expired, we can help you get them refreshed so that you can use the electronic signature function. After the initial setup of an Alliance account, there is a 30 day waiting period before you are able to use eSignature.

Electronic signature may be of great benefit to you if you appreciate the paperless convenience, need to sign something while you are traveling, or simply want the extra protection against cybercrime that the eSignature and eAuthorization tools offer.

If you are interested in getting set up for eSignature and eAuthorization, we are happy to help you. Please just contact your Client Service Manager, Alexandra or Shaya, and they will gladly get you set up!


Alexandra Martella & Shaya Mercer, BSW Client Service Managers

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