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“Fuel the Movement” was this year’s theme at Schwab Impact and if the record attendance was any indication (over 4,000 attendees), there is enough fuel powering the independent investment advisory industry to keep it moving for quite some time. “The Movement” here refers to the shift from traditional brokerage services to independent advisory services, which, as you know, are unbiased, unconstrained and allow the needs of the client to remain first and foremost.

Matt Samek and Craig Seidler, portfolio managers from the BSW investment group, were the lucky team members to attend this year’s Impact in beautiful San Francisco and definitely made the most of the experience.

Keynote speakers Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Bill Gross, bond guru and director of mutual fund giant PIMCO, both discussed the need for countries to solve structural debt problems and work together to promote economic growth and stability going forward – no small task.

With the U.S. stock market experiencing historically high volatility over the past few months, one of the predominant themes was the importance of remaining invested and focused on long term goals, instead of reacting to the day-to-day noise created by the soap-opera-like storylines out of Greece and other European countries.

There was much talk circulating at Impact concerning the Occupy Movement, so our inquisitive staff had to see and hear it firsthand at the San FranciscoOccupy campsite. Protestors were happy to be interviewed:

While walking around the hilly streets of San Francisco, Craig and Matt were reminded of the roller coaster ride investments have taken over the past several years. And after speaking with other investment professionals at the Final Night celebration put on by Schwab (it’s amazing the truths that comes out after a few cocktails and some good food), it was comforting to hear what we already knew: that we protected and grew our client’s hard earned principal better than most of our colleagues during these challenging times!

We look forward to next years’ Schwab Impact in Chicago as another opportunity to network, stay connected and keep moving forward.

– Craig Seidler, Portfolio Manager

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