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What do you get when you combine advisory and investment professionals with a CNBC anchor, throw in some market optimism and top it off with a little tweeting?  Schwab’s 2010 Impact Conference held in Boston.  The last week of October, Debi Baydush, Tina Stenquist and Elias Bachmann attended this signature event hosted annually by Charles Schwab.  By the numbers, Schwab’s Impact conference involves:

  • 3,700 advisory and investment professionals
  • $670 billion in assets under management
  • 275 exhibiting companies
  • 60 educational opportunities
  • 85 social messaging tweets

But the conference is more than just numbers; Schwab Impact is a chance for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Investment Fund Managers and a multitude of support businesses to exchange ideas over three days.

Henry Paulson Jr., former U.S. Treasury Secretary, kicked off the impressive line-up of keynote speakers and provided attendants with an insider’s view of the tumultuous days of TARP legislation and the contributing factors behind decisions “to bail out or not to bail out” America’s most significant investment and banking institutions.  Former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice delivered a powerful speech on how the economic prowess of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries is directly dependent on political factors shaping these emerging countries.  Dr. Rice concluded that while these countries are growing rapidly, the U.S. remains the strongest economy in the world and therefore its presumptive leader.  Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and other social media experts enlightened the crowd on how businesses are integrating social media platforms within their web presence.

Generally speaking, overall sentiment at the three day event (and not surprisingly) was bullish attitude for the next six months to one year.  Specifically, comments included confidence in U.S. companies, the rationale for gold to continue its upward climb and difficulties generating income in today’s low yield environment.

While “Be Bold” was the theme selected for the three-day event, another concept emerged as well.  Return on engagement. In our professional and personal relationships, let us challenge ourselves to look not only at return on investment, but also to widen our perspective on what we expect and need from our interactions with others. Food for thought, indeed.

– Tina Stenquist, Planning Associate

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