Nicole Zelyez

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

I’ve always had a wild imagination and spent much of my childhood in the library learning about new worlds, words, and characters. Those interests I had as a little girl have since manifested into a passion for marketing and community. In 2015, I joined BSW Wealth Partners as the Client Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, responsible for content creation, branding, and community building.

Prior to joining the firm, I worked for a single family office in New York City and supported the launch of Retro Report, a non-profit news journalism organization. Born and raised in New York, I earned my BA in History from Stony Brook University. When the opportunity to move to Colorado presented itself, it was a no-brainer and my husband Alexei and I scooped up our fluffy black cat (Bella) and headed west to the mountains of Colorado.

Away from the office, you can find me trail running at South Boulder Creek, skinning around RMNP, and relocating earthworms into my garden plot at Growing Gardens.

Education, accreditation, leadership and service:

  • BA, Stony Brook University
  • Colorado B Local Board Member – Engagement Chair
  • Volunteer – Achilles International Guide
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