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Among all of the hot topics surrounding food these days – content, origin, environmental impact – the most basic of all stands out in its urgency: do people actually have food to eat? Data from the recently published and most comprehensive study conducted to date, Hunger in America 2010, provide a startling answer to this question. The recession of 2008 pushed the number of food insecure Americans dramatically higher than the previous review, up to a current 49 million, which was a 36% jump from 2007 alone. That is sixteen percent of our entire population!

Feeding America is the umbrella organization for over 150 food banks across the United States. Its ongoing mission is to bring food to families whose pantries are empty, with targeted programs to care for particular demographics. Creative initiatives such as the backpack program, which enables children to carry home food for the weekend, helps fill the gaps. But the organization has a tougher job with rising numbers: its network feeds approximately 37 million people, and that leaves a gap now of approximately 12 million people across the country, with 150,000 food insecure individuals right here in Boulder County.

Feeding America is making its first-ever Boulder visit on December 3, from 3-5 pm at a private home near downtown. Seven officers will be attending to put faces to these numbers and to provide a road map to close this gap. BSW is sponsoring the event and wishes them much success in tackling this issue. Shining a light on the problem and educating the rest of us is the first step to the solution.

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– Debi Baydush, Partner

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