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Congratulations to Debi Baydush, BSW Wealth Partners’ founder, winner of the Boulder County Business Report’s “Remarkable Women” award in the Enterprise category!  The Remarkable Women Enterprise Award, “recognizes a woman who has demonstrated the core values of entrepreneurship, including risk-taking, innovation, and the ability to overcome obstacles.”  Debi and her fellow award recipients were honored on April 29th at the inaugural Remarkable Women Award event at the Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette.  Visit full article at:

Per the Boulder County Business Report, “Of the twenty-four largest wealth management firms listed in the Boulder County Business Report’s 2010 Book of Lists, only one was founded by a woman.  The growth and evolution of that firm, from a one-woman start-up (Baydush Investments) to a firm of 14 professionals managing $600 million on behalf of 150 clients (BSW Wealth Partners), is largely a story of the tenacity, entrepreneurial drive, and compelling vision of its founder, Debi Baydush.

Serving as the BSW’s chief investment officer for more than 17 years, Debi has steadily guided the firm’s investment policy and helped broaden its capabilities, while also leading its major strategic efforts, all with a refreshing blend of intense ambition for the organization, personal humility, and professional will. ”

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