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We often hear that money can’t buy happiness. If you think that though, you’re just not spending it right, as Harvard Business School researcher Michael Norton explains in the fascinating TED talk below. Next Tuesday December 9th marks the 5th annual Colorado Gives Day, a once-a-year opportunity to put Norton’s research findings into practice.  Hosted by Community First Foundation, Colorado Gives Day supports local philanthropy through online giving and matching challenges. Over 1,600 Colorado nonprofit organizations are participating in this year’s event, including BSW favorites the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), and the Colorado Enterprise Fund.  Hoping to surpass the $20.9 million raised last year, Community First Foundation and FirstBank are offering a $1 Million Incentive Fund that will proportionately increase the value of each dollar donated.

We here at BSW are proud to bring awareness to this wonderful movement that helps Make Life Better for so many people in our community. To find out more about Colorado Gives Day, please contact us or visit Now go buy yourself some happiness!

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-Meera Meyer, Associate

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