This job exists to provide:

  1. Optimal and strategic management of BSW client portfolios, including direct portfolio management responsibilities.
  2. Investment advice, insight, and guidance to BSW clients.
  3. Analytical and quantitative support to the BSW Investment Group.


Top Accountabilities, Results, & Weightings:

1. Optimal and strategic management of client portfolios 

  • Ensure appropriate allocation, timely implementation/rebalancing, and investment management.
  • Oversight and management of Portfolio Management support and junior BSWig staff.

2. Investment Advice, insight, and guidance to BSW Clients 

  • Participation in, and contribution to, client meetings and engagements; fielding and responding to investment-related inquiries from clients, and proactive outreach to clients on investment matters.

3. Provide analytical and quantitative support to the BSW Investment Group 


    • Investment research and due diligence.
    • Economic outlook and investment positioning research and contribution.
    • Trading and portfolio execution – both direct responsibilities and team/firm-level support.

4. Execute on your personalized COI Action Plan

5. Help BSW meet its Purpose, 2017 Goals, Objectives & Key Initiatives

  1. Support BSW’s Core Values & Purpose
  • BSW’s Purpose: To Make Life Better for BSW clients, staff, and their families.
  • BSW’s Core Values:
    • Honesty & Integrity + Courage & Leadership: we champion our clients, our staff, and the firm. We lead within engagements. We “confront the brutal facts” with clients and internally.
    • Wow! Excellence: we strive to do our best and be best in class – professionally, personally, and organizationally. We “run up the stairs.”
    • Innovation & Learning: we embrace and encourage firm innovation, learning, growth and professional development.
    • Quality of Life: for clients and BSW staff – Fun, Balance, Community, & Space to be Creative

6. Contribute to a highly effective organization that produces exceptional client service and amazing results by fostering mutual trust; open, honest, and candid communication; effective teamwork; and an unrestrained sense of enthusiasm, commitment, and FUN.


Position Requirements:



  • Undergraduate degree, appropriate advanced degrees valued, but not required.
  • The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is required of Investment-track professionals. Current CFA status is a plus.  Candidates without a CFA will be expected to pursue the credential – for which BSW provides funding and support.


Work Experience:

  • Experience in finance, investments, and planning preferred, but not required.
  • Outstanding references from previous and/or current employers.

Essential Skills & Abilities:

  • Strong attention to detail, self-motivation, discipline and organizational skills.
  • High integrity and professional discretion.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, speaking, and written communication skills.
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
  • Knowledge of, and interest in, personal financial issues – the ability to really “get” what we do on behalf of our client families.