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BSW Wealth Partners is proud to announce its partnership with the Maine Farm Business Loan Fund, which targets small and midsized family farms utilizing sustainable or organic farming practices and serving markets within Maine or nearby states. In collaboration with two non-profits, The Carrot Project of Massachusetts ( and Coastal Enterprises Inc. of Maine (, BSW’s IMPACT investors are helping capitalize the $150,000 Maine FarmBusiness Loan Fund, which will provide loans to sustainable farms for working capital, equipment, buildings, or other improvements.

The Vision . . .
Bringing together private investors, community development organizations, and farm support organizations, the Maine Farm Business Loan Fund was formed to address the financing needs of Maine’s organic and sustainable farming community, which has often been unable to access financing from traditional lending sources. Modeled on two similar loan funds which The Carrot Project has already successfully launched in Massachusetts and Vermont, the Maine Farm Business Loan Fund aims to rebuild a farming system that provides healthful food, stability to local farmers, replenishes the environment, and benefits regional and local economies.

How It Works . . .
BSW IMPACT investors loan capital to The Carrot Project, which then loans the funds to Coastal Enterprises Inc. Founded in 1977, Coastal Enterprises is a non-profit, community development financial institution with deep expertise in underwriting small business and natural resource loan programs. Coastal Enterprises Inc., which has invested more than $500 million of community development capital, administers the Maine Farm Business Loan Fund and is also providing a loan guarantee to BSW’s IMPACT investors. The Fund will enable farmers to access one to five year loans of up to $35,000 and provide investors with a 1.5% annual return and full proceeds at loan maturity.

About BSW IMPACT Investing
BSW Wealth Partners’ IMPACT portfolios are custom, institutional-class investment portfolios that help create a better world. We approach IMPACT investing with the same rigor, due diligence standards, and return expectations as our traditional portfolios, and we utilize managers that apply their deep expertise to IMPACT opportunities. The discipline that comes from experience and real world know-how is what will ultimately make sustainability efforts “sustainable”and bring success to investors who want their capital to do more than just grow –but also to create positive IMPACT.

-David Wolf, Chief Investment Officer


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