We Make Life Better for BSW clients, staff, and their families.

Make Life Better


Our Ethos: BSW is an independent multi-family office and wealth advisory firm that is Built To Last and Makes Life Better for current and future clients, staff, and their families.

At BSW, our manifesto is Make Life Better, you’ll see it in all we do. At the end of the day, we all want to live lives full of meaning, abundance, adventure, and fulfillment. Money and wealth are really just wampum – a store of value we trade for those qualities. What we do goes beyond just investments or financial planning. We work side-by-side with our clients so that their wealth empowers and enhances all aspects of their lives.

message from the founderDebi Baydush


When I was very young, my mother asked only that I do my best. I took that message to heart and set out to prove to my grandfather and great-uncle that it wasn’t necessary to be a man to succeed in business and investing. My experience with big brokerage houses motivated me to create a client-centric firm that provided fee-only objective advice. A strong independent streak and lessons learned from raising three children drove a firm culture that values being smart, exercising compassion and, critically important, having fun.

Gratifyingly – BSW mirrors that ambition, providing a best in class experience for clients, colleagues, and employees; a fee-only model to ensure objectivity; and carefully guided conversation that engages, challenges and nurtures individuals to tune out noise, identify goals, then build a plan to achieve them.

Perhaps easier said than done. But I do know that having the right partner creates a safe space for honesty. Thoughtful discussion gives rise to new awareness. The dots connect and the endgame comes into sharp focus. I myself know the truth of this because two years ago I realized my life-long dream of a ranch in the mountains, off the grid, where I live with the freedom to wander where I will (in the buff if I please!) with just the occasional moose or bear to see me. Having your dreams come true is better than you might imagine and something I hope all of our clients and staff will experience. Here’s to BSW continuing as a critical partner on the journey to identify and manifest life’s full potential.


Our Client Families

We build enduring, fiercely loyal, and collaborative relationships.

BSW works with all kinds of families, with specialty practice areas in Impact Investing, Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, and Divorcees. We have the best clients. Successful, yet humble. Driven, yet kind. Adventurous, yet pragmatic. They’ve climbed Everest, sailed around the world, and started many of the companies that are synonymous with Boulder. It’s a privilege to work with and for them through major life events, including marriage, children (and grandchildren!), starting and selling companies – and tough times like death, divorce, and life transitions. BSW engagements endure – from the firm’s inception in 1992 and through multiple generations. How can we Make Life Better for you?